Top 5 Travel Gadgets On Our Wish-List This Year

It has been a great year in tech for the frequent traveller, whether your trips are for leisure or business, it seems you can’t turn around these days without finding a new gadget to solve the travelling complaints you probably didn’t even realise you had!

As such a lucrative industry, it’s no wonder that start-up culture has found a home in the travel sector, and among the barrage of new apps, entrepreneurs, and Kickstarter campaigns, there’s actually some nifty products on the market.

Well, as a bunch of loud and proud tech-geeks, we thought we would give you a peek at our travel wish-list this year (hint hint …) and give you some gift ideas for the savvy traveller in your life!


Zagg Pocket Keyboard

travel-gadgets-1First up, we’re loving the Zagg Pocket Keyboard, which is ideal for increasing productivity for the business traveller looking to pack a little lighter.

Bluetooth keyboards are nothing new, but what sets apart the Zagg Pocket Keyboard is just how compact it is when folded; 8.8in x 2.2in and a measly .6in deep – perfect for an inside blazer pocket!

Though reviewers say the lightweight frame is most suited to more phablet-sized smartphones, it is compatible with most Apple and Android mobile devices. Not to mention it boasts a more than adequate battery-life.

We’re sold!


Monster Power Card

travel-gadgets-2Who’d have thought we’d be back in a world where we carry extra battery packs around with us?

Unfortunately, charger packs like the Monster Power Card are a must-have for travellers who need to stay connected, with no guarantee of when their next charging station will show up!

The Monster Power Card boasts 5+ hours of charge for your smartphone and is a popular choice due to its compact design. Though maybe not as thin as a credit card as the name would have you believe, it certainly leaves excess room in your pocket.

It is also one of the more affordable options on the market!


PlayLuggage Suitcase

travel-gadgets-3Though arguably not technically a gadget, we thought this fabulous creation deserved a mention because, well, look at it!

Possibly the biggest innovation in suitcase design since they put a wheel on it, the PlayLuggage Dubai range is compatible with “Megablocks, Nintendo and other Lego clones” and is the perfect solution for keeping children and adults alike entertained in airport lounges and on long car journeys.

Other features include a TSA approved lock system, lightweight aluminium case, and highly shock-resistant wheels. And did we mention that you can PLAY LEGO ON IT,

Not a fan of Lego? (What?!) Other ranges include a Ludo-style activity and Chinese checkers, with magnetic counters so you can play however bumpy the ride is.

Shut up and take my money!


Eye-Fi Mobi Pro 32GB

travel-gadgets-4Perfect for the budding travel photographer, the Eye-Fi Mobi Pro takes away all the stress of uploading those brilliant shots to your laptop or desktop computer.

The Wifi-connected SD Card allows you to easily send images directly to your home computer even when out and about, as it creates its own Wifi-Hotspot. It also holds 32GB of storage and supports the transfer of RAW files.

Set up is easy and you can also connect to a mobile device by downloading the accompanying Eye-Fi App, in which you can also store your images.

This is an extremely useful time-saver for both photography buffs and leisure travellers, who we all know can be a bit snap-happy sometimes!


Bluesmart Luggage

travel-gadgets-5Though still in its early stages of distribution following a wildly successful crowd-funding campaign, we thought this one deserved a mention!

The Bluesmart suitcase is something totally worth getting excited about, with the ability to charge your smartphone 6x over, a digital TSA approved lock, location tracking, and a built-in scale. No mention of Megablocks or Lego compatibility yet but we’ll let that slide.

It all works by syncing the case with the Bluesmart app, which allows you to configure the settings to match your travel needs, not to mention build itineraries and check the status of your flight.

You can pre-order yours now via their website.



That sums up our review of 2015’s best travel gadgets! Did we miss something? Tell us now @billianIT

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