Billian IT Solutions at 21: A coming of age story …


by Simon Lawson, Operations Manager at Billian IT Solutions

A lot can change in two decades, particularly in the disruptive world of business and technology. These days one cannot exist without the other; the mere suggestion that an operation could function without wide area networks and fibre-optic broadband is seen as juvenile and naïve.




To think that once upon a time (not so long ago!), we relied upon paper records, analogue telephones and fax machines as “business essentials” shows how quickly the world has changed and highlights just how vital it is to adapt to the shifting times. After all, how else do we grow?

21 years ago this month, Billian IT Solutions Limited came into existence wide-eyed and looking to take a leap of faith into the modern world. With a dream of creating travel technology that could not only stand it’s ground in the current market, but also lead by example and set new standards, this milestone is testament to our core values of learning and innovating.

At a time when computers were only just beginning to focus on the quality of user-experience and the internet was still considered a constraint on being able to use your landline, Billian was finding its voice and committing to new ideas that would change the world of travel forever.

Since that time, Billian has been on the same journey we all have in life; taking its first steps, learning from experiences, good and bad, and facing the continual challenges that come with growing up.

As it comes out of its adolescence and starts a new era, Billian can look back with pride at the hard work, commitment and perseverance it has shown in the face of adversity, with a loyal customer base, some outstanding products and a positive outlook on the future.

Having only joined the company just 6 short months ago, my insights into the past are limited yet I can see the passion and exuberance that has driven the company and continues to do so. Through good times and bad there has always been sensible foresight, which I truly believe has delivered a highly skilled and invested team to this landmark year.

The really exciting part for me is where we are going next, and I don’t mean on our summer holidays. Billian is truly invested in the growth of its existing products whilst seeking out new and innovative ideas to bring to the market.

Just as was the case 21 years ago, we want to leave a lasting impression that goes beyond expectations and cements us as your favourite travel technology provider. The best part is that we want to do all this and still offer uncompromised, outstanding service and support.

The saying goes, at 21 you get ‘the key to the door’, and I believe that to be true for us; we’ve lived through our difficult teens and gained the wisdom that only the test of time can give. We enter our next phase of life with the same enthusiasm and commitment of our younger days, and the maturity of two decades of experience.

We are in the prime of our life and we’re not going anywhere!


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