Top 5 gadgets still on our travel tech wish-list


2016 was a great year for tech and travellers were spoilt for choice with gadgets designed to rid them of their travel woes and enhance that tech-savvy lifestyle. In an industry that’s growing beyond belief, there’s something for everyone thanks to unique start-ups, kick-starters and big-name-brand innovation. Let’s take a look back…

We’re still the same bunch of loud and proud tech-geeks, so we thought we’d share with you our top picks of travel gadgets going on our wish-list!


Loop Worldwide Travel Adapter

For frequent flyers and tech-savvy travellers, finding a plug socket to charge your devices is everything. And, for the travellers who like to stop off in multiple countries along the way, remembering to bring the right socket adapter is essential.

However, nobody wants their luggage filled with each and every possible type of adapter. Can’t we just have ‘one-size-fits-all’?

Well, the genius people at Loop did just that. They’ve spliced together every travel adapter plug there is to create the worldwide travel adapter! Features include charging in 150+ countries, the ability to simultaneously charge 3 devices at once and it comes in a choice of 4 colours too.

150 countries, 1 travel adapter. Yes, please!


Inmacus HD Lens Kit

Both amateur and professional photographers alike understand that the inspiration for a photo can come at any time. Especially when travelling.

The world is full of beautiful sights that photographers love to capture in the moment, but what if they’ve left their DSLR at home? Yes, mobile phone cameras are becoming more advanced but sometimes they wish they had something a little more professional.

Thanks to the Inmacus, professional quality photos are never far away. It’s 18mm lens is easily mounted to your iPhone to work seamlessly with the iSight camera, and once mounted, your phone can produce stunning results thanks to professional grade optical elements.

Professional. Affordable. Perfect for the snap-happy!


August Smartlock

Anyone who’s ever taken a trip away from home, you’ll understand that there’s always that last minute rush to make sure everything’s locked before you leave your house for the week.

Don’t you wish there was a gadget to do it for you?

Well, here’s something that’ll answer that wish. Introducing the August Smartlock! The device that automatically keeps your door locked and secure. Connected to your smartphone, your phone becomes the key for getting into and out of your home (better make sure it’s charged!). It also sends your phone notifications to let you know who’s coming and going into your home.

Now … “Did I remember to lock the front door?”


AMPL Smartbag

Here’s one for the tech-geeks who like to pack light. The AMPL Smartbag is a backpack of the future.

Stylish, water resistant, and chargeable, this smartbag ticks all the right boxes. Better yet, it’s great for business travellers who need to keep all their devices charged.

Its feature piece is a discreetly hidden charger cable that can be plugged into a socket which allows simultaneous charging for up to 7 devices via USB. Yes, 7 devices! It’s also used for charging the bag batteries too.  And, with Bluetooth connection, it can alert your smartphone if accidentally left behind.

Techy travellers won’t be able to resist!



When was the last time you had fun getting through and around the airport before you boarded?

Because the Modobag has fun written all over it! (Not literally.) It’s the world’s first motorised, ridable luggage. The carry-on that carries you!

This motorised wonder has everything: GPRS real-time tracking, USB charging ports, pockets for tablets and laptops, 8 miles of range and a digital battery gauge display to name a few, and at an indoor speed of 5mph, it’s sure to get you round the airport quicker. Functional, efficient and fun. Just what every traveller needs.

Race you to the terminial?


That wraps up our top 5 picks of 2016’s best travel gadgets! Are there any travel gadgets you use? Tell us now @billianIT or join the conversation using the hashtag #tech4travel

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