Top 5 Content Marketing Tips for Travel Agents


You know technology is becoming more advanced by the day when the expression ‘when pigs fly’ doesn’t really seem all too far-fetched anymore. Hundreds of years from now, the conventional understanding of the Theory of Evolution will have slightly changed from apes evolving into humans and will relate more to the Nokia 5510 and whatever genius technology Apple has on offer at the time.




Travel marketers are required to change with the times in order to stay ahead of the game which is quite tough, but luckily for us, there’s one thing that stays constant and that’s content marketing. Content marketing is all about continuous interaction with customers through the use of valuable and relevant content. Here are our top 5 content marketing tips to help you get started:

Be involved

There’s no point trying to pull engaging content out the bag without first getting to know your customers and understanding their needs. Do this by getting to know them personally, conducting surveys and analysing the results, keeping your eyes peeled for customer engagements and/or attending travel events. Or better yet, throw one yourself!

Use the valuable information that you obtain as inspiration for content. It will not only attract your ideal customer, but it will also create familiarity with your brand – and for all the right reasons!

WOW yourself and your audience

Our beautiful planet is the perfect portfolio of Instagram-worthy pics so travel agents have the upper hand here. Remember to share content as a business that you would be proud to share as an individual. If you’re truly proud of it, your readers will be too. 

Look at forming connections on social media as the beginning of a true relationship, rather than just a potential lead or sale. This will help to build a network of repeat visitors to your website and other platforms.

Get a style going

Not all travel agencies provide the same service. Some specialise in specific destinations or activities, while others accommodate for those travelling to a particular region of the world, etc.

Consider what makes your brand unique and use this information to create a style which can be depicted through free travel content and an impressive website. For example: Specialise in scuba-diving? Get the GoPro and go scuba diving!

Don’t be pushy

Customers like to shop around without the pressure of being pushed into making a purchase – and why wouldn’t they? Holidays can cost a couple of hundred pounds or a couple of thousand, depending on the destination, and most people can only save up enough money to go away once a year. Engage your audience with destination specific content and remember that, if they have reached your blogs or other content, it’s probably because they searched for it to help them come to a purchase decision.

Customers will reach a decision only when all of their questions have been answered so make sure your content ticks all the boxes and does just that.

Make the most of your content

Reap the benefits of great search engines optimisation by doing your research beforehand, making sure your content is a good length and using the same keywords in your content as customers are using to  search for a holiday. Creating one decent blog a week is more effective than one rushed blog a day. Remember, quality over quantity!

Social media is one of the greatest marketing tools of our generation! Encourage your followers to interact with you through shared images, videos and blogs. Entice your subscribers by sending great content straight to their inbox and urge them to share it with their connections. That’s what social media is for, right?


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