Must-see movies for every travel professional


Some of the best movies of all time are related to travel. From comedies that will leave you in stitches to heart-felt memoirs, check out the movies that every travel professional must see…

Must-see movies for travel pros


Released in 1980, Airplane is a comedy spoof that brilliantly mocks the 20th century disaster film genre. The story follows Ted Striker, an ex-fighter pilot with a drinking problem and an irrational fear of flying. Eager to win back the affection of an old flame, Striker boards a Boeing 707 from Los Angeles to Chicago where Elaine is serving as an airhostess.

Elaine isn’t interested in rekindling her relationship with Striker. That is, until several passengers and aircrew contract food poisoning and it’s up to him to save the lives of everyone onboard the plane.

Lovefilm might have proved that Airplane is the greatest comedy of all time. By totalling up the number of gags and dividing them by the film’s length in minutes, the UK-based DVD-by-mail and video-stream-on-demand service ranked the film in first place with a total of 3 laughs per minute. Airplane made £130 million in Box Office and is still inspiring film-makers decades after its release.



Seeking closure from recent personal hardships, including the loss of her mother, the breakdown of her marriage and the end of a self-destructive lifestyle, Cheryl sets off on a 1,100-mile solo hike on the Pacific Crest Trail with a huge backpack and no hiking experience whatsoever.

Painful memories from Cheryl’s past haunt her as she hikes through the wilderness. Dangers, including black bears, rattlesnakes, unbearable heat and record snowfalls, threaten to end her hike but with the help of strangers she meets along the way, she finds the strength to complete the journey.

Starring Reese Witherspoon, the motion picture tells a powerful tale of a young woman’s regret, healing and self-forgiveness. Based on a true story, Wild was depicted from the real Cheryl Stayed’s memoir, which was on the New York Times bestseller list and even featured in Oprah’s book club.


The Terminal

When a civil war breaks out in the fictional nation of Krakozhia, Viktor Navorski finds himself trapped at John F. Kennedy International Airport with an invalidated passport. Navorski can neither enter the US nor return to his homeland, confining him between the walls of the airport terminal.

Expecting a promotion, the airport’s temporary Customs Director, Frank Dixon does everything he can to push Navorksi out of the airport and into the US – illegally. But Navorski settles at the airport instead, making friends with staff, getting a job as a paid under-the-table building contractor and causing more problems for the troubled Dixon.

The Terminal is based on the true story of Mehran Nasseri, an Iranian refugee who, claiming to have lost his passport and papers, was forced to live in Terminal One of Charles De Gaulle Airport from 1988 until 2006. Directed by Stephen Spielberg, the movie made a huge $219.4 million in Box Office.


Lost in Translation

Bob and Charlotte meet at a hotel in Tokyo. Bob, a 55-year-old actor, is there to film a Japanese whiskey advertisement. Charlotte is there to accompany her famous photographer husband, AWOL because of work commitments.

Alone in a foreign country, the two spend time together at the hotel bar and on the streets of Tokyo. Bob confides in Charlotte about his marriage struggles and Charlotte admits that she’s afraid that her life is taking no direction. Their understanding of one another forms the base of an unlikely friendship that only deepens throughout their stay. But what happens when it’s time to leave?

Lost in Translation has won a wealth of awards, including Best Original Screenplay at the Academy Awards. Bill Murray (Bob) and Scarlett Johansson (Charlotte) also won Best Actor and Actress in a Leading Role at the British Academy Film Awards.


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