Billian welcomes Web Designer Lew Wilde to the team


“I’m looking forward to building new experiences and putting my design skills to good use” says Lew, “There’s a really great team here at Billian, I hope I can learn from them as well as contribute to the pot of knowledge myself”


Billian welcomes Lew Wilde to the team

Billian welcomes Lew Wilde to the team


Lew has a fairly varied background, coming from a marketing role in a large public company, where he was responsible for the creation of all marketing material, both online and physical. Preceded by his Uni days where he studied video game art at the University of Derby, and had a brief stint as an independent developer, self publishing games onto the Google play store.

Driven by his passion for creation, Lew loves nothing more than bringing ideas to life and isn’t afraid to jump in at the deep end and learn new skills and technologies to achieve his goals. This extends to his personal life, where he is either playing with an emerging technology such as quadcopters or 3D printings, or doing a spot of DIY.

“I’d love to do a Scandinavian road trip. There’s some beautiful scenery up there to get lost in, plenty of snow to get stuck in, and some pretty unique architecture.”


The team here at Billian are excited to have Lew joining us and we know he is going to fit in well!

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Noor Tomlinson
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