Our Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Customers

Christmas is not about receiving gifts – it’s about spending quality time with the people we love, but that doesn’t stop dedicated globetrotters and travel tech enthusiasts from hoping to find the newest and niftiest gadgets under the tree each year.

Thinking of surprising your customers with a thoughtful gift this Christmas? Hampers filled with calorific chocolate and wine are out – give your customers a gift that they will genuinely appreciate from this list of our favourite innovations that make both business and leisure travel a little bit easier and much more fun…


Our Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Customers

Give your customers a gift that they won’t forget this Christmas


Christmas isn’t complete without a Worldwide Travel Adapter

A travellers Christmas isn't complete without a Worldwide Travel Adapter


Have you ever arrived at your destination with 15% battery life to spare and realised that you packed the wrong adapter? It’s a low point for travellers, but don’t worry, you can prevent it from happening to your customers with Amazon’s universal travel adapter.

With the ability to charge gadgets in over 150 countries on 6 different continents, this adapter is a staple in any traveller’s carry-on.

Moreover, it’s light in weight and can fit into any case without taking up too much space, which makes it the perfect gift for those travelling to multiple destinations.


LifeStraw Personal Water Filters are the perfect stocking filler


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Specialise in hiking trips, wilderness treks or other outdoor sports? LifeStraw’s personal water filter is at the top of any adventurers ‘must-have’ list and would make a great gift for outdoorsy customers this Christmas.

Designed to remove almost 100% of bacteria from contaminated water, this filter is an alternative to carrying tablets and other purifiers, freeing up much-needed space in a traveller’s bulky rucksack.

Just to top it off, it doesn’t need to be connected to electrical power to work!




No suitcase is complete without a waterproof phone case


Waterproof Case

No matter who you are or where you’re going, protecting your mobile phone from water damage is always a good idea.

As well as protection from water, the LifeProof waterproof case barricades mobile phones from snow and dust, making it a fantastic gift for all types of travellers.

It’s also great for capturing the best images in harsh weather conditions and underwater – perfect for beach holidays and ski trips!

Although this one is designed for iPhone 6, there are plenty of others on the market for different mobile phones.



It’s important to take peace of mind with you on your travels


Travel Door Alarm


For many, travelling to new destinations can be daunting. Giving your customers the Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm for Christmas will not only give them peace of mind when they’re far away from home, but will also show them that you care about their safety after the purchase has been made.

Run on just two button cell batteries, this alarm is designed to be placed on hotel doors and windows and lets out a loud noise when it’s built-in sensor is triggered.




The perfect Christmas gift for customers that aspire to be photographers


Aukley Ora Camera Lens


One of the most anticipated things about travelling is learning about different cultures and cuisines, visiting tourist attractions and seeing beautiful, scenic landscapes.

Most travellers and holidaymakers love capturing all of this on camera and uploading it to social media for all of their family and friends to see, and for something to look back on after their travels end.

The Aukley Ora Camera Lens can be attached to iPhones, Samsungs and Android smartphones to capture images as wide as 120° – perfect for shots of sun sets, seas and selfies with a backdrop.



If you still can’t sway away from the hampers, make your customers the ultimate tech-savvy hamper consisting of everything listed above. You could even include some calorific chocolate and a bottle of wine!


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