Billian turns focus to team building with workplace personality test


This week, the Billian team completed the Myers Briggs test as part of a team building session. Derived from a personality theory by Carl G. Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, the test is designed to analyse the four mental processes of an individual – sensing, intuition, thinking and feeling – and in turn highlight expertise and style, opportunities for personal development and opportunities to collaborate with one another by optimising the use of different skill-sets.




Simon Lawson, Director of Operations at Billian, said, “we love that Billian is made up of different personalities because it means that there’s always innovative ideas floating around. We decided to take part in the test because we wanted the team to understand how their colleagues operate on a day to day basis, as well as the management board, and how we can all work together to deliver the best results for our customers.”

The results of the test separated the introverts from the extraverts, the observative from the imaginative and the methodical from the spontaneous. However, when given the chance to discuss our results with one another, we discovered that even those whose personalities differed most were similar in some way, which got us thinking: how can we use these similarities to enhance productivity within the office, improve our processes and ultimately strengthen our travel booking products?

Before the session came to an end, we were all given the opportunity to voice our thoughts and provide suggestions for future progression. One suggestion in particular echoed throughout the room, and that was to communicate with each other more about what we’re working on. Even if the task at hand isn’t a shared responsibility, we agreed that our colleagues may be able to provide helpful insight from a completely different business perspective.

Sarah Brown, a member of our Customer Support team, said “it was interesting to learn about how each area of the business can impact another, even though we don’t all directly work together. I walked away from the workshop feeling positive about moving forward.”

In such a competitive industry, we believe that strong working relationships can mean the difference between being a good travel technology provider and being the best travel technology provider, which is what we strive to be every day.


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Noor Tomlinson
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