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Our in-house team of travel specialists, developers and web designers are passionate about delivering the best travel technology and solutions.

About Billian

Billian IT Solutions has over 20 years experience of providing industry-leading travel technology products to customers worldwide. Since 1995, we have proved ourselves to be leading digital travel experts in the design and implementation of online booking engines, travel agent productivity tools and corporate booking tools, offering everything from "off-the-shelf" to bespoke and dynamic packaging travel technology solutions.

We are dedicated to the travel industry with a reputation as a travel technology provider that is second to none and we pride ourselves on our first class support service and our client relationships. We ensure that our products are up to date with the latest travel technology innovations so that you, as the client, remain ahead and competitive in the rapidly evolving travel industry.

We design, build and implement everything through our passionate in-house team consisting of travel specialists, web designers, project managers and developers who are experts working with a variety of different programs. We can promise that no project is too big or too small. Whether you are a startup travel agent or an international enterprise, we can assist and guide you to achieve your travel technology objectives.

You and your team have done very well and should be proud of what you’ve achieved. Makes a pleasant and refreshing change from previous IT projects I’ve worked on, where you spend millions of pounds and don’t end up delivering what you set out to achieve.

Brendan Fox
Head of Operations - Sports Tours International

Working with the right technology partner in this day and age is very important.  We would highly recommend Billian as they are professional and helpful, giving excellent advice on bespoke software.

Julie Cloe
General Manager IT & Training - Dawson & Sanderson

Key personnel

Ian Jones, Billian
Vicki Jones, Billian
Simon Lawson, Billian
Seph Lund, Billian
Sarah Brown Billian

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Sarah Brown

Customer Services Advisor

Sarah has been on hand providing technical support to our customers since 2014 and has worked in the travel industry for 5 years overall. Prior to joining Billian, she was responsible for putting together complex travel itineraries, which helps her with her current role, where many components must be examined and brought together to resolve technical issues.

“I’ve got to say that my favourite place that I was lucky enough to visit recently is Tallinn, Estonia. This place is ideal for me as it combines old world charm and culture next to a lively city.”


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