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Benefits of B2B booking engines for travel agents

Benefits of B2B booking engine

A B2B travel booking engine, like our Travelflow Trade product, is an extremely valuable tool for travel agencies looking to streamline their trade sales processes, but what are the real benefits? Well, the system is set up in a way that mutually benefits the travel agency and their agents and partners in a number of…

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6 ways to reduce abandoned bookings on your travel site

Reduce Abandoned Bookings

We’ve all designed our dream holiday and added it to the shopping cart, just to see how much it will cost, then discarded it straight afterwards. But not all abandoned bookings are discarded for the same reason. Booking abandonment can be particularly high on travel sites for several reasons, but there are many ways that…

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5 useful tips to ensure that your website is open for business

Website Open For Business

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge into the online market with a booking system that provides customers with a quick and easy way to book trips from anywhere in the world. Here at Billian, your success is our success, so we’re going to let you in on a little secret that will help you make…

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The wonders of Westeros: Real life GoT filming destinations

The Wonders of Westeros

Noble viewers, our watch has begun. Having recently graced our screens for its 8th and final series, HBO’s popular fantasy drama Game of Thrones (GOT) is the talk of most towns. Etched into the minds of millions is Westeros – the fictional land that sets the scene for some of the greatest storylines in television…

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Why software testing is important in software development

Why Software Testing is Important

Buying new technology can and should be an exciting process, whether you’re simply implementing a much-needed upgrade of current software or leading your company’s first big leap into the 21st century (kicking and screaming in some cases). So you’ve sat down with the relevant team members and thrashed out your requirements, crunched the numbers, consulted…

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Star Wars: The Force behind tourism to many destinations

The Force Behind Tourism

Since Episode IV first graced our screens in 1977, Star Wars has become one of the biggest, most successful and most anticipated franchises in cinematic history. It has created more than just fans – the epic sci-fi masterpiece has millions of super fans across the globe (and perhaps across the galaxy, if life-forms on other…

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What your buttons say about your brand

What Your Buttons Say About Your Brand

Buttons are an important part of any website. They add focus and direction to a user’s experience and allow guided navigation through your website. Want customers to read more about your fantastic new product? You’ll probably use a button to lead them to that information. As useful as buttons are, it’s surprising how much the…

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3 terrifying prospects for the future of travel

Terrifying Prospects For The Future of Travel

The travel industry is teeming with tech advancements and each one keeps pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible. The growth of the industry seems exponential, as with each step forward, we open up so many doors to the next big technology breakthrough. With that in mind, are we heading towards a future where…

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How virtual reality will change the future of travel

Virtual Reality And The Future Of Travel

Virtual Reality technology is playing a bigger role in society than ever before, but what opportunities does it present for the travel industry? As I queued to ride the latest Virtual Reality (VR) rollercoaster at a well-known UK theme park at the weekend, seeing carriages of VR-headset-clad thrill-seekers speed by on the tracks overhead, it…

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Top 10 email marketing tips for online travel agents

Top 10 Emarketing Tips

We’ve all been there; sat at our desks torturing ourselves looking through the latest beach resort deals or scrolling through our Facebook friend’s 100+ holiday selfies on the bus to work, dreaming of a getaway. But the fact of the matter is that travel is expensive. A holiday is often the biggest purchase a person…

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