Take a look at the history of Billian

Take a look back on the history of Billian

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2019 - Onwards and Upwards!

  • What's Next?
    Watch this space for what this year has in store ...

2018 - Branching Out!

  • Design For Travel
    We launched our very own sub-brand; Design For Travel. A creative division of Billian specialising in designing quality websites for the travel industry.
  • New Continent
    We secured our first customer in Australia. Increasing our client base to 6 of the 7 continents.

2017 - New Partnerships

  • Making A Splash
    Billian add Dolphin Dynamics to it's growing list of partners. Our Travelflow tool is now integrated with Dolphin's mid-back office system.

2016 - A Year of Growth!

  • Hosting Upgrade
    Billian upgrades its hosting infrastructure to UKFast as the company growth continues.
  • Happy 21st Birthday
    The company celebrates 21 years of service since the company was born.

2014 - A New Online Booking Tool

  • Travelflow Arrives!
    Early 2014, Billian launch Travelflow at TTE 2014. An innovative booking solution for travel agents, tour operators, and TMCs.

2013 - And We're Live

  • Faremine launches!
    B2B Travel reseller, Faremine, successfully go live with Billian. Check them out here.

2012 - A Busy Year

  • B2B Product Launch
    Rogers Aviation launch new B2B Billian product in Mauritius.
  • We're Partners
    Billian partners with Sabre sparking the launch of the Sabre Web Booking Engine by Billian.
  • Flight Deck Upgrade
    Our administration tool 'Flight Deck' gets upgraded to suit updated environments.
  • Club La Santa Live
    After 10 years working together, Club La Santa UK launch their new online booking facility. Take a look.

2009 - More Content, More Customers!

  • Virgin Flight Store
    Billian add Virgin Flightstore as a new consolidator offering more airline content.
  • Sports Tours Online
    Long standing customer, Sports Tours International go live with Billian. Have a look.

2005 - Working With Travelport!

  • Fares for Carrefour
    Developing for the world's 2nd biggest retailer, Billian partner with Travelport to produce fares product for Carrefour.
  • Need An Upgrade?
    Hosting infrastructure upgraded to Virtustream. The company continues to grow ...

2004 - We're Going Worldwide!

  • Expanding Globally
    Billian goes worldwide with first overseas international customer.
  • Online Purchases
    The company launch it's first full E-commerce site: 'Letsgoto'.

2002 - Making Waves!

  • Dawson & Sanderson!
    Billian welcomes new long-standing customer, Dawson and Sanderson. Visit their site.
  • Going Corporate!
    The company lauch BTD; Our first corporate travel product.
  • Need More Storage?
    Billian gains their first offsite hosting centre with Satex.
  • Sports Tours!
    We add Sports Tours International to our roster of long standing customer.

2001 - Hello Internet!

  • Ready For Launch?
    Billian launches their first website.

2000 - The Millenium Bug!

  • Are You Network Ready?
    The 'Y2K Bug' raised virus concerns with potential network shutdowns. All products had to be 'Millennium ready'.

1999 - Bigger Team, Even Bigger Space!

  • Moving Out
    Increase in employees means Billian moving into the BTMC. The new Billian HQ.
  • Staff Wanted
    First Employees were hired to work at Billian.

1998 - Moving To Bigger Things!

  • We're Online!
    Fares Assist transitioned from Access databases to online storage.

1997 - Picking Up Speed

  • World Travel Market
    Billian visits the 1997 World Travel Market.
  • Welcome GDS
    First GDS integration for Billian is started.

1996 - Product Launch

  • Need An Assist?
    Fares Assist launched as first consolidator product!

1995 - Billian is founded

  • The start of something great!
    Current MD, Ian Jones, forms Billian, along with friend Bill. Hence the name ...
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