Travelflow Trade Laptop

Sell fares and products to travel agents and easily set up your own networks of sub-agents with an online booking engine that's fully optimised for trade sales.

Start selling to travel agents with our B2B booking engine

Meet the needs of your users

Set up an entire network of sub-agents and log-ins

Create a network of sub-agents, each with their own log-in details and profiles. Authorised agents will then be able to sell fares and products to other travel agents, ultimately generating more revenue for your business.



Control every aspect of the B2B booking engine in-house

Travelflow Trade comes with a user-friendly admin tool, Flight Deck, which allows you and your team to manage every aspect of the B2B booking engine in-house. That includes credit limits, payment terms, contracted rates and much more.

Quickly find travel options with class labelling
Quick access to GDS fares and 3rd party rates

Quickly react to industry changes with full control over pricing

Our B2B booking engine puts you in control of pricing. Make instant mark up and mark down adjustments to fares, set your own commission levels, add charges and fees to include optional or mandatory costs which will then display throughout the booking process. The list goes on...

Process bookings around-the-clock with auto-ticketing

Set to your preferences, our B2B booking engine gives travel agents the option to automatically ticket bookings at any time of the day, given that it's within the agreed credit limit.

Process more bookings with auto-ticketing

Other features for B2B agencies


Meet user needs with a tailored experience

Personalise the style and adjust the currency dependent on agent specifications.


Quickly find the options you're looking for

Save time and quickly find the travel options you're looking for with class labelling.


Use on mobile, tablet and desktop alike

Our B2B booking engine is fully-responsive across devices of all screen sizes.

Flight Deck For Travelflow Trade

Flight Deck - our powerful admin tool


Put various controls in place for various agents

Set various levels of agent access to control who will be able to view/amend specific information.


Manage mark-up levels for each agent

Manage your accounts as you wish with multiple mark-up levels for multiple agents.


Get quick access to GDS fares and 3rd party rates

GDS fares and 3rd party rates can be integrated directly into your booking engine inventory.

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