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Sell fares and products to travel agents and easily set up your own networks of sub-agents with our online booking engine, fully optimised for trade sales.

Have full control of credit limits and payment terms

Set up a network of sub-agents and logins

Integrate GDS fares and your own negotiated 3rd party rates

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How you can benefit from choosing Travelflow Trade:

  • Meet the needs of your users with a tailored user experience for travel professionals.
  • Save time and quickly find the travel options you're looking for with class labelling.
  • Quick access to GDS fares and 3rd party rates, integrated directly into your booking engine inventory by our in-house development team.
  • Process more bookings around-the-clock with auto-ticketing, set to your preferences.
  • All software is developed in-house by our team.

Manage every aspect of your booking engine with Flight Deck:

  • Make instant price and mark-up adjustments, giving you complete control of your travel prices.
  • Multiple mark-up levels for multiple agents - manage your accounts how you wish!
  • Take control of advanced agent tools and manage your booking options and accounts from Flight Deck.
  • Convert more travel agents with the addition of your own contracted rates and fares.
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