Feature Focus: Corporate Travel

Travelling for work, it’s a faff, right?

Booking your travel, keeping your business updated with what you’ve booked and how much it’s going to cost, the reimbursement afterwards. It’s a clunky process. And if you’re still managing your company travel like this, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

What if we told you we had the exact product to streamline that process?

Then let me tell you about Travelflow Corporate.

Corporate is designed to streamline the travel booking process within businesses.

Set up traveller profiles for each of the employees you need and enjoy a simple yet controlled experience for managing your employees travel arrangements.

Book the most suitable travel for them and they’ll be able to see their booking details all within the same system.

Or, better yet, have them arrange the travel that best suits them all whilst adhering to work requirements configured by you that can be assigned to their individual profile.

Control aspects such as credit limits, so they don’t overspend on the business account, or booking restrictions on class type. (They don’t need to travel first class).

With a wide array of controls, you can create travel management system that takes care of everything for you, so that when future travel bookings are made, you can rest easy knowing your employees are booking the appropriate travel at affordable costs.

Travel administrators can then view all bookings made on your system helping keeping track of company travel easy and stress free.

Nothing gets missed when managing your business travel with Travelflow Corporate.

To see this in action for yourself, get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to show you.