Travelflow Trade

Sell fares and products to travel agents and easily set up your own networks of sub-agents with an online booking engine that's fully optimised for trade sales.

Travelflow Trade

Start selling to travel agents with our B2B booking engine

Configure the style and currencies for agent specifications
Save time & find travel options quickly with class labelling
Widely accessible for external agents and homeworkers
Process bookings around-the-clock with auto-ticketing

Top-level Agent

Your Sub-Agent

Your Sub-Agent

Your Sub-Agent

Your Sub-Agent

Create a secure network of your external sub-agents

Set-up your sub-agents with individual log-in details and profiles. Authorised agents will then be able to sell fares and products to other travel agents. As a result, this generates more revenue for your business.

Control every aspect of the B2B booking engine in-house

Travelflow Trade comes equipped with it's own user-friendly admin tool, Flight Deck, to give you complete control. You and your team can manage every aspect of the B2B booking engine in-house, including credit limits, payment terms, contracted rates and much more.

Apply markups to individual agents with our B2B Booking Engines for Agents
Quickly react to industry changes with full control over pricing

Quickly react to industry changes with full control over pricing

Our B2B booking engine gives you total control over your pricing. That includes making mark up adjustments to fares instantly as well as setting your own commission levels. In addition, you can add charges and fees to include optional or mandatory costs that will display during the booking process.

Integrated into your website by our team

Thinking about starting fresh?

Get started with Travelflow and give your agency a new look courtesy of our all-in-one website and booking deal.

Flight Deck

Our powerful admin tool

Set various levels of agent access to control who will be able to view/amend specific information.

Flight Deck | Our Powerful Admin Tool

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