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The question on everyone’s minds: what makes a good booking engine?

11th October 2019

So, you’ve done the marketing, people know about your brand and have intentionally searched for your website. You would assume that’s it and the hard work is done – they…

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Benefits of B2B booking engine

Benefits of B2B booking engines for travel agents

29th May 2019

A B2B travel booking engine, like our Travelflow Trade product, is an extremely valuable tool for travel agencies…

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Booking Systems For Business Growth

Booking systems: crucial for business growth?

1st May 2019

Since its inception in 1983, the internet has revolutionised the travel industry and the way consumers choose to…

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Reduce Abandoned Bookings

6 ways to reduce abandoned bookings on your travel site

15th April 2019

We’ve all designed our dream holiday and added it to the shopping cart, just to see how much…

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Website Open For Business

5 useful tips to ensure that your website is open for business

5th April 2019

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge into the online market with a booking system that provides customers with…

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The Wonders of Westeros

The wonders of Westeros: Real life GoT filming destinations

19th March 2019

Noble viewers, our watch has begun. Having recently graced our screens for its 8th and final series, HBO’s…

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Why Software Testing is Important

Why software testing is important in software development

7th March 2019

Buying new technology can and should be an exciting process, whether you’re simply implementing a much-needed upgrade of…

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The Force Behind Tourism

Star Wars: The Force behind tourism to many destinations

15th December 2018

Since Episode IV first graced our screens in 1977, Star Wars has become one of the biggest, most…

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What Your Buttons Say About Your Brand

What your buttons say about your brand

25th November 2018

Buttons are an important part of any website. They add focus and direction to a user’s experience and…

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Terrifying Prospects For The Future of Travel

3 terrifying prospects for the future of travel

30th October 2018

The travel industry is teeming with tech advancements and each one keeps pushing the boundaries of what we…

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Virtual Reality And The Future Of Travel

How virtual reality will change the future of travel

16th October 2018

Virtual Reality technology is playing a bigger role in society than ever before, but what opportunities does it…

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Top 10 Emarketing Tips

Top 10 email marketing tips for online travel agents

19th September 2018

We’ve all been there; sat at our desks torturing ourselves looking through the latest beach resort deals or…

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The Bathroom Experience

The Bathroom Experience: are you catering for mobile customers?

5th September 2018

I remember begging my dad to buy me a mobile phone as a kid. At just 6 years…

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Smartphone or Tablet For Your Customers

Mobile booking; smartphone or tablet for your customers?

23rd August 2018

It’s never too late for your online travel website to go mobile, but how are your customers using…

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The Celebrity Status Technique

Encouraging upgrades: The celebrity status technique

12th August 2018

While the world is still recovering from Branjelina’s unexpected split, it seems that Brad has found a project…

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Twitter And Travel

Twitter and travel: The good, the bad and the ugly

26th July 2018

By now you’ve probably heard of the phenomenon that is Twitter. March 21st marked 11 years since the…

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Travel And Tourism: Natural Man Made

Travel and tourism: Natural or man-made?

15th July 2018

Burdened by unfriendly skies and dangerous hikes, our ancestors travelled for one reason and one reason only: to…

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Benefits Of Rebranding

The benefits of rebranding

29th June 2018

By definition, branding is the process of “creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a…

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SEO For Travel Agencies

Spring cleaning: SEO for travel agencies

13th June 2018

Summer is finally in sight and travellers everywhere are busy planning trips around the globe. For travel agencies,…

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