Feature Focus: Customisable

Most out-the-box products are simply “you get what you’re given”. With limited “wiggle room” and next-to-no customisation.

However, with Travelflow, we didn’t want our out-the-box product, one which you can integrate onto any website, to be so out-the-box.

So, we took a different approach.

Each one of our standard Travelflow solutions come with a host of options to bring your Travelflow more in-line with your online travel agency.

Change the colour.

Colour Schemes Management within Flight Deck gives you a choice of 14 different customisation options, whether that’s a solid colour or gradient effect, to give your booking engine that fresh coat of paint to really make it feel at home on your website.

Change the font.

Possibly an overlooked aspect of customisation, but the ability to choose your choice of font used throughout your booking engine goes a long way to establishing your branding on your booking platform.

Change the layout.

As standard, we include a selection of layouts you can apply to your booking engine to ensure Travelflow works within the design of your existing website.

Use the “Side” template to fit within a 50/50 column layout or go full width if rows are more your style.

Change the entire product.

Travelflow customisation doesn’t just stop visually. You can customise the very core of the product to suit your agency needs.

Do you specifically deal in selling flights? No problem. Configure your Travelflow to sell just that.

Thinking about offering a combination of flights, hotels, and packages, with an emphasis on hotels? Easy. Add a multi-tab layout to your booking engine and set a default to match your preferences.

Travelflow is designed to fit your needs and combine seamlessly with your existing brand.

To see this in action for yourself, get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to show you.