Feature Focus: Embellishments

Have you ever been searching for accommodation for your next holiday break and thought “Those images are a little low quality” or “That description is quite basic”.

It’s a bit inconvenient, right?

As a travel agent, you want to show off the best content possible to ultimately convert that next online booking. But, if you’re relying on a GDS to provide your primary source of information, sometimes you’re stuck with the content they give you.

Well, what if we had the solution to that problem?

Introducing Embellishments.

Embellishments is optimised around hotel data and the content you receive from your chosen GDS. From the name of the hotel to details describing the accommodation. From images to additional lines of decorative text. Embellishments has it all.

Combine this with the power of Flight Deck, we give you the ability to control the content you receive from 3rd party sources to show to your eager bookers.

Source and load your own curated images to show off the available accommodation in their best light.

Write and structure your own copy to further sell the destinations you’re offering to your audience.

Truly optimise the content on show for the target audience you want to sell to.

All that’s left is to choose how your custom content embellishes your GDS data.

Whether you replace the content or add it to the existing content supplied by the GDS, you decide how your content is applied.

Completely transform the way 3rd party data is shown to your customers. Replace the images. Swap out the text. Even add additional information like facilities and amenities.

Enjoy a level of granular control that changes the way you sell hotels.

To see this in action for yourself, get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to show you.