Feature Focus: Live Special Offers

Everyone loves a good deal, right?

Now what if you could set up and offer these directly from your online booking platform? Well… Travelflow lets you do just that!

With the power of our administration tool, Flight Deck, setting up Special Offers to entice unsure buyers has never been easier. And, even better, you can set these up for all manner of transaction types.

Flights? Yes. Hotels? Of course. Packages? Absolutely!

So, how simple is it actually? We’re so glad you asked!

Every Travelflow comes equipped with its own administration tool, Flight Deck, from which you manage every aspect of your booking experience.

Login to your Flight Deck and head to the Special Offer Management section. This is your hub for all things Special Offers.

From here, you’ll see a list of all the offers you’ve set up. Along with your custom title, latest pricing, fetched from the GDS of your choice, and their effective from & to dates.

Let’s set up an offer for ourselves.

Creating a new Special Offer gives you a whole host of customisation options you can set up – make them as generic or specific as you’d like.

Whether that be a flight to Paris for 2 adults or a package holiday for a family of 4 to Greece in the middle of July. Travelflow Special Offers gives you that level of control.

And, with our auto-pricing feature, you can rest assured knowing that your offer will always be available for the best price, fetching the latest pricing data from your connected GDS.

Now, creating all your Special Offers can be, dare we say, fun? addicting? You’re going to want to organise these so that when the time comes to display them on your website, they’re all grouped together in an understandable way. Which brings us perfectly onto our next point – Special Offer Groups.

Create and configure as little or as many groups as you’d like to best organise your offers. (Just don’t forget to assign your offers to a group when you create more).

Wasn’t that easy?

Travelflow Special Offers offer a powerful way to sell the travel you want to your customers encouraging them to click that book button and send them on their way to that dream destination.

To see this in action for yourself, get in touch with our team. We’d be happy to show you.