The benefits of rebranding

By definition, branding is the process of “creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.” We’re all surrounded by such symbols; documents on office walls, logos on websites and customised social media accounts that together create the corporate image that represent our brand. Rebranding is the process of changing this image as a business evolves.

Saying goodbye to a brand that was hard to achieve and maintain over the years is a scary concept, but one that reaps many benefits if done in the right way, at the right time and for the right reasons…


We all have that one family member (that we haven’t seen or spoken to since last July) who drops by at Christmas with a card and casually mentions that we’re carrying some winter weight – something that we, and the people that see us every day, hadn’t noticed until it was brought to our attention.

Indulging in mince pies over the festive period has consequences that are often side-tracked, as are the consequences of an outdated corporate image. Even though it can’t be seen from one day to the next, everything around us is changing: from design trends and industry advancements to product offerings and internal workforce. Rebranding is a great way to remain current and relevant to customers. In the ever-evolving travel industry, staying current is key.


Competitor research is crucial when running a business. But what happens when, in the race to the top, brands begin to mirror one another? Rebranding gives businesses the chance to revive the things that make their brand unique with a new and improved corporate image.

It’s a great way for businesses to differentiate themselves from similar products and services being offered on the market and it’s ultimately a great way to stand out amongst competitors.


Change is always a good idea. Inundated with compliments and with new-found confidence, something as simple as getting a haircut can improve our day. This is because change is refreshing, exciting and provides opportunities to learn and grow (or so to speak).

For customers, a new look and feel shows that businesses are open to change and dedicated to improvement – two very great qualities that every brand should possess!

But rebranding can be equally rewarding for employees. Employees are more likely to create excellent results with a brand that represents the current culture of the workplace, rather than the thoughts and ideas of a past generation of employees. Rebranding a great way to bring fresh ideas to the table that represent the current position of a business.


For travel companies that are looking to specialise in niche packages or explore new markets entirely, rebranding can be a great way to connect with a brand new audience, or even just to break the news to existing customers.

Promoting the new aspects of your brand and the direction it will take is likely to catch attention, and your audience will be happy to join you on the journey.

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