EDM events & festival management

Featured Client: Electus

The Brief

We were approached by a new start-up company that have a passion for dance music and travel. Their primary focus centered around offering tickets to popular EDM events and festivals in a variety of party destinations.

In addition to offering tickets to these events, they also wanted to provide customers with the ability to book accommodation alongside the event to create a more streamlined booking experience.

Therefore they needed a solution to not only manage these events, but also provide the option to dynamically package the events with hotel accommodation and a selection of optional extras – all whilst being able to integrate and display this information on their WordPress website.

The Challenge

WordPress is a great CMS that powers nearly 40% of all websites, and gives users an extensible way of managing a variety of content types. However, WordPress stores all it’s data in it’s own connected database. Meaning, if you want to display information on your website, that information would have to come from the WordPress database.

On top of that, WordPress, in it’s most raw form, is pretty bare-bones. Any type of custom content that you wanted to display on your site would have to be managed through custom metaboxes.

Event price? Metabox. Event dates? Another metabox. Accommodation availability? You guessed it… another metabox.

It became apparent that managing this content on WordPress wasn’t the best option.

The Solution

We decided that the most effective way to manage this content was to offer them a platform specifically designed for travel content.

Travelflow Contracts gave them a content management system optimised for managing events and excursions. It provided the ability to add, edit, and manage all the required content for the event. We were then able to combine this content with Travelflow Leisure to provide their events will full booking capability, resulting in a seamless booking solution.

Then, with help from our web design service, Design For Travel, we were able to interface directly with Travelflow Contracts to display all of their stored content right on their WordPress website in a clear and cohesive format, wrapped in an eye-catching design.

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