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Featured Client: Travel Vogue

The Brief

Recommended to us by our supplier, our client was an established travel agency, who are part of the Advantage Group. They specialise in providing holidays at competitive prices to destinations throughout the world.

They were looking for a solution to better manage their own hotel content and combine this with our own Travelflow booking engine to provide them with a seamless booking experience for their customers to book their own hotels in a variety of luxury locations.

Additionally, they required a system that could seamlessly drop into their CRM provided by our mid-to-back office partner, Dolphin Dynamics.

The Challenge

Like most online booking engines, travel content is fetched from a Global Distribution System (GDS) and served to the user. This is great because you can guarantee that results will be shown with up-to-date descriptions, pricing, and other details, ensuring that the customer recieves all the right information when booking their holiday.

However, the small drawback to this is that you, as the travel agent, can be limited to only showing results from your chosen GDS. This can prove to be very limiting in what you can offer to your audience of eager travellers as information is coming from one source.

Now what if your travel agency had its own bank of travel content (e.g. Hotels)? And if so, how do you get these results served to your customers?

We already have an online booking engine. And not only that, we also have a platform designed for storing and managing travel content.

The solution became clear.

The Solution

You combine them!

By providing an already established online booking tool designed and developed by us, we were easily able to integrate the power of Travelflow Contracts into their booking platform.

This meant that their Travelflow search results are not only found and served via their chosen GDS, Hotelbeds, but also served from travel content stored within their Travelflow Contracts product.

Travelflow Contracts gave them the control to build and tailor their results content based on their bank of hotel properties. Integrated with Travelflow Leisure, we were able to streamline their entire booking process all through one singular product.

Two pools of data. One booking engine. Resulting in a powerful online travel platform giving customers the ability to book any property they wished seamlessly. They wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

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