Tailor-made holidays with self-catering properties

Featured Client: We Know Florida

The Brief

We were tasked with creating a fully bookable, accommodation-only website for a tour operator company specialising in tailor-made U.S.A. holidays.

Holidays would be featured around self-catering properties in Florida, that ranged from luxurious 2 bedroom houses for a family of 5 to larger-than-life 6 bedroom mansions for larger groups. All of which came packed with features such as a pool, on-resort gym, dedicated parking, and of course… free Wi-Fi.

They were looking for a solution to best manage all this content, that would not only post seamlessly to their website for users to look through, but also provide their customers with full booking capabilities, including a payment gateway, to their entire catalogue of over 1000 properties.

The Challenge

Content management systems are always tricky. Not because they provide you with a platform to manage any type of content you could think of. But because, to really manage content effectively, your content management system (CMS) has to be built around the type of content you want to manage.

It’s no good choosing a CMS built for managing clothing products when you’re selling technology-based items. Or in our case, it’s no good choosing a CMS built for managing blog posts (WordPress, in it’s most basic form) when our client is wanting to sell luxury villas.

Their properties had a whole host of content that needed managing. Collections of images for both inside and outside the property. Custom lists including an array of features and USPs. Details on how many bedrooms and how many people it could accommodate. Long format descriptions of the facilities, bedrooms, and even the kitchen.

The list goes on.

A list of content which needed a CMS built for managing this content. And manage it effectively.

The Solution

Give them a CMS built around the type of content they want to manage.

Travelflow Contracts was designed with properties in mind. A facility to upload, store and manage collections of high-quality images? Check. The ability to create lists of facilities that can be assigned to each of your properties? Check. A place to load accommodation data such as bedrooms, bathrooms and how many people the property sleeps? Check, check and check.

Not only that. But by combining the content from Travelflow Contracts with the full booking capabilities of Travelflow Leisure, complete with traveller information forms and payment gateways, the end result was a full-stack booking solution for their custom content all accessible from their WordPress website.

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