Vicki Jones

Vicki is a Director at Billian. She overlooks various departments, from sales, to marketing, to finance, but her main passion is looking after customers and ensuring they have all the information and support they need to reap the benefits of our products.

She also ensures that Billian is focused on new business generation and growth, as well as the promotion of our brand and reputation. Starting work at 16 years old in a small retail travel agency in Cheshire, UK, she went on to gain experience in the business travel sector before taking an interest in travel technology.

She worked for 5 years implementing and providing training for mid- and back-office systems, before joining Billian in 1997. Over the years, Vicki has supported each department in the business and still works with them all to ensure her years of experience and industry knowledge are put to good use.

Vicki’s favourite holiday destination is Cape Town, a “vibrant place with so many beautiful views and something for everyone!”